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10th Foundation 1 – Science

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About Course

This course will help you strengthen your basic concepts and help you prepare for any competitive exams you face in future.

Course Content

Electricity – 31.05.2021
In this class we would discuss the Numericals based on Circuit diagram - Equivalent Resistance, Finding potential difference across a resistor and current passing through a resistor.

  • Electricity – 31.05.2021
  • Homework Assignment – 31.05.2021

Electricity – 07.06.2021
Numericals based on circuit diagrams


Physics – Light – 1 – 14.06.2021

Physics – Light – 2 – 21.06.2021

Physics – Light – 3 – 28.06.2021

Physics – Light – 4 – 05.07.2021

Physics – Light – 5 – 12.07.2021

Physics – Light – 6 – 19.07.2021

Physics – Light – 7 – 26.07.2021

Physics – Light – 8 – 02.08.2021

Biology on 30-Jun-2021

Chemistry on 2-JUl-21

Biology on 7th Jul

Chemistry class 1- 4 Jun-2021

Chemistry Class 11-Jun-21

Chemistry on 18.Jun-2021

Chemistry Class on 25th Jun-21

Chemistry Class on 2nf Jul-21

Chemistry on 9th Jul-21

Chemistry on 17-sept-2021

Biology On 22-sept-21

Physics – Chapter 2 – Light – Reflection and Refraction – MCQ, Case Study, A&R

Physics – Chapter 3 – Human Eye – MCQ, Case Study, A&R

Biology On 9th Jun-21

Biology on 16th Jun-2021

Biology On 23 Jun-2021

Biology On 30th Jun-2021

Biology On 7th

Biology on 14th Jul

Biology on 21st Jul

Biology on 28th Jul

Biology On 12-oct -2021

Biology on 19-Oct-2021

Chemistry On 20-Oct-2021

Biology on 26-Oct-2021

Chemistry on 27-Oct-2021

Biology on 2-Nov-2021

Biology on 9-Nov-2021

Chemistry on 10-Nov-2021

Biology on 16-Nov-2021

Chemistry on 17-Nov-2021

Biology on 23-Oct-2021

Chemistry on 24-Nov-2021

Chemistry on 25-Nov-2021

Biology Class on 21.Dec.2021

Chemistry Class on 22.Dec.2021

Biology Class on 28.Dec.2021

Chemistry Class on 05.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 06.Jan.2022

Biology Class on 11.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 13.Jan.2022

Biology Class on 18.Jan.2022

Chemistry Class on 19.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 20.Jan.2022

Biology Class on 25.Jan.2022

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current – Assignment 1

Physics Class on 27.Jan.2022

Chemistry Class on 02.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 03.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 06.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 08.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 15.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 17.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 22.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 24.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 25.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 16.Dec.2021

Physics Class on 23.Dec.2021

Physics Class on 30.Dec.2021

Biology Class on 14.Dec.2022

Chemistry Class on 15.Dec.2021

Biology Class on 21.Dec.2021

Physics Class on 01.Dec.2021

Physics Class on 01.Dec.2021

Physics Class on 01.Dec.2021

Chemistry Class on 02.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 03.Mar.2022

Biology Class on 08.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 09.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 10.Mar.2022

Biology Class on 15.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 16.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 16.Mar.2022

Biology Class on 22.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 23.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 24.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 30.Mar.2022

Biology Class on 31.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 31.Mar.2022

Biology Class on 05.Apr.2022

Biology – Heredity and Evolution – Assignment

Physics Class on 08.Apr.2022

Biology Class on 12.Apr.2022

Biology Class on 19.Apr.2022

Chemistry Class on 20.Apr.2022