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Class 11 – Maths (Commerce – CBSE)

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Course Content

FUNCTION 2 08-06-21
Some function, their graph, and Algebra of function.

  • some function and their graph, Algebra of function.

FUNCTION 3 09-06-21
Problems discussion.

Trignometric function 1 10-06-21
Angles and their measure.

Trignometric function 2 15-06-21
Trignometric function and their variation.

Trignometric functions 3 16-06-21
Sum and difference of two angles.

Trignometric function 4 17-06-21
Problem discussion.

Trignometric Equation 1 22-06-21
General values of Sinx = siny , Cosx = Cosy, Tanx = Tany.

Trignometric Equation 2 23-06-21
Problem Discussion.

PMI 1 24-06-21
First principle of mathematical induction.

PMI 2 29-06-21
Problem Discussion.

Trignometric Ratio and Identity
Problem Discussion

Problem Discussion.

PMI 4 01-07-21
Problem Discussion.

COMPLEX NO. 1 06-07-21
Addition , substraction , multiplication and division of Complex no.

Complex no. 2 07-07-21
Multiplicative Inverse and modulus.

Complex no. 3 08-07-21
Argand plane, Polar Coordinate.

Maths Linear Equality -3 on 21.07.2021

Maths Linear Equality -2 as on 20.07.2021

Maths Linear Equality -3 on 22.07.2021

Maths On 30-Jun-2021

Math on 6th Jul-21

Maths on 7th Jul-2021

Maths Class on 15th Sep-21

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Maths on 5-oct-2021

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