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Class 5 Foundation

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Course Content

Science – Simple Machines Test – 04.06.2021
Simple Machines Test - 04.06.2021

  • Test – Simple Machines – 04.06.2021


Science – Matter and Material – 1 – 11.06.2021
Matter and Material - 1 - 11.06.2021

Mental Ability – Analogy – 10.06.2021


Mental Ability – Classification – 17.06.2021
Mental Ability - Classification - 17.06.2021

Science – Matter and Material – 2 – 18.06.2021

Mental Ability – Direction Sense Test – 1 – 24.06.2021

Science – Matter and Material – 3 – 25.06.2021

Nouns- Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Pronouns- part 1

Mental Ability – Direction Sense Test – 2 – 01.07.2021

Science – Matter and Material – 4 – 02.07.2021

Pronouns Part 2

Mental Ability – Blood Relation – 1 – 08.07.2021

Science – Matter and Material – Test – 09.07.2021

Pronouns Part 3

Science – Our Universe -1 16.07.2021

SST 0n 9th Aug-21

Maths on 9th Aug-2021

Science on 30-Jun-2021

Mental Ability on 1-Jul-2021

ENGLISH – 1-JUL-2021

Science on 2-Jul-21

Maths On 5-Jul -21

SST On 5-Jul-21

Maths On 6th Jul-21

SST on 6th Jul-21

Science on 7th Jul 2021

mental ability on 8th Jul

English on 8th Jul

science 15-sept -21

English on 16-sept-2021

Mental Ability on 16-sept 2021

Science On 17-sept-2021

Maths on 17-sept-2021

Maths On 20-sept-2021

SST On 20-sept-2021

Maths on 21-sept-2021

SST/G.K/Current Affairs on 21-sept 2021

Science On 22-sept-2021

mental ability on 23-sept-2021

English on 23-sept-2021

Maths on 5-oct-2021

Science on 5-oct-2021

Mental ability On 5-oct-2021

English on 7-oct-2021

Maths on 8-oct-2021

SST on 11-oct-2021

Maths on 11-oct-2021

Maths On 12-Oct-2021

Maths On 18-oct-2021

SST on 18-oct-2021

Maths on 19- Oct-2021

SST on 19 -Oct -2021

Science On 20-oct-2021

Mental ability on 20-Oct-2021

English on 21-Oct-2021

Science On 22-Oct-2021

Maths on 22-Oct-2021

Maths on 25-Oct-2021

SST on 25-Oct-2021

Maths on 26-Oct-2021

Science On 27-Oct-2021

Mental Ability on 28-Oct-2021

English on 28-Oct-2021

Science on 29-Oct-2021

Maths on 29-Oct-2021

Maths on 1-Nov

SST on 1-Nov

Maths on 2-Nov-2021

Maths on 9-Nov-2021

SST on 9-Nov-2021

Biology on 10-Nov-2021

English on 11-Nov-2021

Mental Ability on 11-Nov-2021

Science On 12-Nov-2021

Maths on 12-Nov-2021

SST on 15-Nov -2021

Maths on 15-Nov -2021

Maths on 16-Nov-2021

SST on 16-Nov-2021

Science on 17-Nov-2021

Mental Ability on 18-Nov-2021

English on 18-Nov-2021

Science on 19-Nov-2021

Maths on 19-Nov-2021

SST on 22-Nov-2021

Maths on 21-Nov-2021

Maths on 23-Nov-2021

SST on 23-Nov-2021

Mental Ability on 25-Nov-2021

English on 25-Nov-2021

SST Class on 20.Dec.2021

Maths Class on 20.Dec.2021

Maths Class on 21.Dec.2021

Science Class on 22.Dec.2021

SST Class on 22.Dec.2021

English Class on 23.Dec.2021

Mental Ability 23.Dec.2021

Mental Ability 24.Dec.2021

Science Class on 24.Dec.2021

SST Class on 27.Dec.2021

Maths Class on 27.Dec.2021

Maths Class on 28.Dec.2021

Science class on 29.Dec.2021

SST class on 29.Dec.2021

English class on 30.Dec.2021

Mental Ability Class on 30.Dec.2021

Science Class on 05.Jan.2022

English Class on 06.Jan.2022

Mental Ability Class on 06.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 07.Jan.2022

Science Class on 07.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 10.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 11.Jan.2022

SST Class on 11.Jan.2022

Science Class on 12.Jan.2022

Mental Ability Class on 13.Jan.2022

English Class on 13.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 14.Jan.2022

SST Class on 17.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 18.Jan.2022

SST Class on 18.Jan.2022

Science Class on 19.Jan.2022

English Class on 20.Jan.2022

Mental Ability Class on 20.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 21.Jan.2022

Science Class on 21.Jan.2022

SST Class on 24.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 24.Jan.2022

English Class on 27.Jan.2022

Mental Ability Class on 27.Jan.2022

Science Class on 28.Jan.2022

Science Class on 28.Jan.2022

SST Class on 31.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 01.Feb.2022

SST Class on 01.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 02.Feb.2022

English Class on 03.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 04.Feb.2022

Science Class on 04.Feb.2022

Grammar Assignment

Writing Assignment

Reading Comprehension Assignment

SST Class on 07.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 07.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 08.Feb.2022

SST Class on 08.Feb.2022

Science Class on 09.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 11.Feb.2022

Science Class on 11.Feb.2022

SST Class on 14.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 14.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 15.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 16.Feb.2022

English Class on 17.Feb.2022

Science Class on 18.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 21.Feb.2022

SST Class on 22.Feb.2022

Science Class on 23.Feb.2022

English Class on 24.Feb.2022

Science Class on 25.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 28.Feb.2022

Science Class on 02.Mar.2022

English Class on 03.Mar.2022

Science Class on 04.Mar.2022

Science Class on 07.Mar.2022

Maths Class on 08.Mar.2022