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CUET Crash Course 2022

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Course Content

QA Class on 18 Dec 2021

  • QA Class on 18 Dec 2021

Verbal Ability Class on 18 Dec 2021

LR Classes on 19.Dec.2021

Verbal Ability Class on 21.Dec.2021

QA Class on 21.12.2021

LR Classes on 26.Dec.2021

Verbal Ability Class on 26.Dec.2021

QA Class on 28.12.2021

LR Class on 06.Jan.2022

Verbal Ability Class on 07.Jan.2022

LR Class on 11.Jan.2022

QA Class on 11.Jan.2022

English Class on 12.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 13.Jan.2022

LR Class on 13.Jan.2022

QA Class on 15.Jan.2022

LR Class on 15.Jan.2022

QA Class on 17.Jan.2022

LR Class on 17.Jan.2022

English Class on 19.Jan.2022

QA Class on 20.Jan.2022

LR Class on 20.Jan.2022

QA Class on 22.Jan.2022

LR Class on 22.Jan.2022

QA Class on 24.Jan.2022

LR Class on 24.Jan.2022

LR Class on 25.Jan.2022

QA Class on 25.Jan.2022

QA Class on 29.Jan.2022

LR Class on 29.Jan.2022

Verbal Ability Class on 29.Jan.2022

LR Class on 31.Jan.2022

QA Class on 01.Feb.2022

LR Class on 02.Feb.2022

Verbal Ability Class on 02.Feb.2022

QA Class on 05.Feb.2022

SST Class on 05.Feb.2022

English Class on 05.Feb.2022

LR Classes on 07.Feb.2022

QA Class on 08.Feb.2022

LR Classes on 09.Feb.2022

English Class on 09.Feb.2022

LR Class on 20.Feb.2022

QA Class on 26.Feb.2022

LR Class on 26.Feb.2022

QA Class on 05.Mar.2022

LR Class on 05.Mar.2022

LR Class on 06.Mar.2022

QA Class on 12.Mar.2022

LR Class on 12.Mar.2022

LR Class on 13.Mar.2022

GK Class on 16.Mar.2022

Verbal Ability Class on 16.Mar.2022

QA Class on 19.Mar.2022

QA Class on 20.Mar.2022

GK Class on 22.Mar.2022

SST Class on 23.Mar.2022

LR Class on 26.Mar.2022

QA Class on 26.Mar.2022

LR Class on 27.Mar.2022

QA Class on 27.Mar.2022

SST Class on 31.Mar.2022

Verbal Ability Class on 03.Apr.2022

Verbal Ability Class on 14.Apr.2022

QA Class on 14.Apr.2022

QA Class on 17.Apr.2022

LR Class on 17.Apr.2022

Ratio and Proportion

English – Part of Speech

LR Class on 3rd June 2022

LR Class on 04th June 2022

LR Class on 05th June 2022

Quantitative Aptitude

VA – Phrasal Verbs

Maths – Number System – class 1 – 9th june 2022

Maths – Number System – Class 3 – 11th june 2022

LR – Syllogism – Class 1 – 3rd june 2022

LR – Syllogism – revision class 9th june 2022

VA – Vocabulary

VA – Antonyms and Synonyms

Quants – Simple Interest and compound Interest

Quants – Profit and Loss

G.K. – Parliament Constitution

DI – Data Interpretation

Quants – Pipes and Cisterns

VA – Parajumbles

G.K. – Class on 22nd June 2022

G.K. Class on 21st June 2022

Quants – Time and Work

VA – Idioms and Phrases

G.K. – Miscellenious

Quants – Ratio and Proportion

Quants – Mixtures and Allegations

English – Sentence Improvement

Quants – Simple Equations

VA – Parallelism

Quants – Quadratic Equations

Time , Speed and Distance

Quants – Probability/ Premutation Combination

Quants – Matrices

Quants – Indices and Surds

Quants – Mensuration

G.K. – Current Affairs