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IIT JEE Crash Course 2021-22

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Course Content

Maths class on 29.Dec.2021

  • Maths class on 29.Dec.2021

Chemistry class on 29.Dec.2021

Maths Class on 05.Jan.2022

Chemistry Class on 05.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 10.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 10.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 11.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 12.Jan.2022

Biology Class on 12.Jan.2022

Chemistry Class on 12.Jan.2022

Biology Class on 13.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 17.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 17.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 18.Jan.2022

Chemistry Class on 18.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 19.Jan.2022

Biology Class on 19.Jan.2022

Chemistry Class on 19.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 24.Jan.2022

Chemistry Class on 25.Jan.2022

Maths Class on 31.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 31.Jan.2022

Physics Class on 01.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 01.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 02.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 02.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 02.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 03.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 07.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 07.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 08.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 09.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 14.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 14.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 15.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 15.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 16.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 16.Feb.2022

Maths Assignments

Biology Class on 17.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 21.Feb.2022

Physics Class on 22.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 22.Feb.2022

Maths Class on 23.Feb.2022

Chemistry Class on 23.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 24.Feb.2022

Biology Class on 02.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 02.Mar.2022

Maths Class on 03.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 08.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 08.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 09.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 10.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 11.Mar.2022

Maths Class on 12.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 20.Mar.2022

Maths Class on 22.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 22.Mar.2022

Maths Class on 23.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 23.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 24.Mar.2022

Maths Class on 25.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 25.Mar.2022

Chemistry Class on 31.Mar.2022

Physics Class on 31.Mar.2022

Maths Class on 01.Apr.2022

Physics Class on 05.Apr.2022

Physics Class on 07.Apr.2022

Chemistry – Chemical Equilibria – Class Notes – 08.Apr.2022

Chemistry Class on 08.Apr.2022

Physics Class on 14.Apr.2022

Physics – Dimension and Measurement

Physics – Chapter 1 – Motion in a Straight Line

Physics – Chapter 2 – Motion in a Plane

Physics – Chapter 3 – Laws of Motion

Mathematics – Binomial

Physics – chapter 5 Rotational Motion

Maths – Series

Chemistry – Chemical bonding

Physics – Chapter 6 – Gravitation

Physics – chapter 7 – Properties of Solid and Liquid

Maths – Sequence and series

Maths – Straight Line

DI – Input and output

Chemistry – General Organic Chemistry

Maths – Vector

Physics – Chapter 9 – Simple Harmonic Motion

Chapter 10 – waves

Chapter 11 – Electrostatics

Maths – Contuinity

Physics – Current Electricity

Physics – Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism

Chemistry – General Principles of Metallurgy

Physics – EMI and AC

Chemistry – Biomolecules

Chemistry – Polymers

Physics – Atom And Nuclei

Physics – Dual Nature Matter And Radiation

Physics – Electronic Devices

Physics – Communication System

Chemistry – Chemistry in Everyday Life

Maths – Calculus

Physics – Laws of Motion

Physics – Gravitation

Chemistry – Solution

VA – Composition


Chemistry – P Block